Bsf Pfi Project Agreement

Update of the main agreement of the PFI Academy. Please note that changes to BSF standard documents can only be made for project-specific reasons approved by PfS. Three model documents were added, with changes to the model financing agreements, which were published from June 2014: „PFI amends the master financing agreement,“ „PFI changes single funding agreement: mainstream“ and „PFI amends complementary funding agreements: mainstream.“ . PfS has developed standard documentation for all aspects of the FSB, ranging from procurement documents (OJEU communications and pre-qualification questionnaires) to contract documents (the „BSF standard documents,“ „which can be both the long-term partnership and the provision of the main types of contracts (CFPs, design and construction or conventionally funded ICTs). This file may not be suitable for auxiliary technology users. . A presentation on the FSOS is available in the Design Guidance section on this website. All documents and instructions are checked regularly – the date in brackets indicates the date of publication. When standard documents are reviewed, we also add a „Deltaview“ document to show the changes made. .

Read more instructions on how to become an academy. . The design of the revised output specification (now called performance and performance specification) for consultations and for local authorities from wave 5 is available below. Please read the introductory comments attached to the presentation projects. The final version will be available here in spring 2010. All revised IPD, OJEU, SPA and SHA documents for Wave 5 from the BSF Procurement Review are available together in a ZIP file to download: . Schools that are part of a Private Financial Initiative (PFI) contract and wish to be converted into a college should use the documents on this page. Model documents for PFI schools converted to Academy status. .

Standard documents and models are categorized into the following categories.