Subject Verb Agreement Quiz Testbook

Ram or his cousins came? (Here`s the next topic: Ram – Singular. Therefore, „hat“ is used) In each given sentence, the choice of verb (form) depends entirely on the subject of the statement. This is the main theme of chocolates. Therefore, the verb must correspond to „chocolates“ and not to „children“. It is therefore very important that we choose very clearly the subject (his person – 1/2/3, as well as his number, that is, the singular or plural). If the subject and verb do not match, there is a grammar error. (b) „or“, „niether again“, the following verb, shall correspond to the noun closest to it. The underlying rule is that the subject and verb must match in number. Note that if the sentence had been as follows, the verb „is,“ as in this case, politicians and playwrights would be considered a single noun.